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If you want to capture special events in a manner that always puts a smile on your face than you certainly want Trina Gadsden as your professional photographer. She is intimate with her photography and captures the most amazing candid shots. When I hired her to take photo’s for my special day she went above and beyond. I have pictures before the event started, during the event and well after the event was over! When I reviewed the proof sheets, I enjoyed my event all over again. I laughed out loud and even got to share in moments that I didn’t get to be a part of because she captured everything! I know Trina personally and have worked with her professionally, she is kind, gentle, thorough, reliable and mostly a lot of fun!
– Angela Lambert – Washington

Our experience with Trina Gadsden as our photographer was wonderful!!!! Not only were we delighted with the finished product but she was a treat to have as a guest at our reception. She made everyone feel very comfortable and this is obvious in the photos themselves. I would recommend her to anyone for any desired type of photography – you will be amazed at the unique and precious life moments that you’ll have captured with her.
– Kim Urquhart – Tacoma, Washington

Trina does a wonderful job on creating a fun and relaxing setting for photo session. We enjoyed her enthusiasm and especially the quality end results.
– Todd Sloan – Seattle, Washington

We were delighted with the wonderful family photos after our first child was born. Trina has a creative touch that captures the moment and creates lasting memories. We used these photos in our home, as Christmas cards and baby announcements………..
– Kelli Tolf – Burlington, Washington

Trina is a first-class photographer in every way – the care she takes to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, the unique angles and styles she uses and the end result – excellent photos! I had maternity photos done a few weeks prior to the birth of my first child, she is 3 1/2 now and we still love to look at them as a family. Trina really captured that special moment in time and now we have a lifelong memory to share because of her work.
– Jana Claxton – Seattle, Washington

I will always be glad I had pregnancy pictures taken while pregnant with both of my children. During a time when I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with my transformed body at 8 months – Trina made me forget about that and captured the beauty of pregnancy in her photos. My second photo session was extra special with my 3 year old sharing in the excitement of pregnancy and anticipation of becoming a big sister. Thank you Trina for sharing your talents and creating memories for our family!
– From a happy repeat customer – Seattle, Washington

I had a wonderful experience working with Trina. I was more than happy with my wedding photos. She captured moments with unique candids and creative thought. One of my favorite pictures was a picture of our hands cutting the wedding cake where both of our wedding rings were showing. It was so beautifully captured in a black and white photo. I also have some of her framed pieces which I love. She is very creative and fun to work with.
– Hayden Porter

I really wanted to mark my pregnancy with some photos. Trina has a great eye and experience in capturing pictures without feeling like I was posing for pictures. The pics turned out great and it was a tremendous gift for myself,
and my family.
– Jenny Roth, Washington

Trina, I want to thank you for the lovely way you handled our maternity pictures. My husband wasn’t entirely enthused about the whole idea of doing them but they turned out beautifully and he is now THRILLED that we did it. The pictures were fabulous (very “us” yet classic and artistic at the same time) and your easy and friendly manner made the “shoot” fun to do. Thank you!
– Stacey Hackney – Seattle, Washington

I had Trina take my pregnancy pictures when I was about 34 weeks pregnant. Since this was the first time I had done this I didn’t know what to expect. We had a wonderful time, she took a lot of pictures and then we went over them together after to see which ones I liked best. She is extremely professional and makes you feel very much at ease in her studio. The pictures turned out great. The reaction from my husband was exactly what I wanted. He was amazed at how beautiful they turned out. I am so happy that I took the time to get them done. Thank You
– Amanda Boden – Seattle, Washington

As you know, I enjoyed our photo session and was thrilled with the results enough to have you do it again with my second pregnancy. You have a talent for making expectant mothers feel beautiful, and your photographs show that they are. The photo session when I was pregnant with my second son, Ryan included my husband and my three year-old, Aidan. This session was so different from the first when I had done it alone as a surprise for my husband. But, you made everyone feel very comfortable and the pictures you took are gorgeous. I sent several pictures to friends who live elsewhere and the uniform comment was what a beautiful pregnant woman I made, I can’t say I ever felt that way, but I certainly looked that way in your photographs.
– Sarah Thomas, Seattle, Washington